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Charismatic cardinal Guiliano Della Rovere who plays the ethical, moral centre of the series “The Borgias” is the favoritest to me role played by Colm Feore after King Laufey.After I watched the series just because of Colm I felt the urge to draw a fanart of his chracter because his beauty worth it and I’ve put a lot of symbolism in this work cause I infelt the character of Della Rovere. Seems I should reveal the hidden meanings because not all can think.Blue poppy flower means hope, and out of red others it points on the fact that not only Rovere is out from majority with his rebel ideas, but in the movie there was a hint that he was gay (surely he was just look at him—Jesus I love blue flowers!).Cyparissus tree, was associated with death and funeral. Red poppy flower is a symbol of remembrance for fallen in war, and if you saw the series Della Rovere caused a war where blood of many was shed; the poppy also represents sleep and death.
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“Whatever I feel for you
You only seem to care about you
Is there any chance you could see me too?
Cause I love you
Is there anything I could do
Just to get some attention from you?
In the waves I’ve lost every trace of you
Oh, where are you?”

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Burchart cleaning up after della Rovere spits on the floor.




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The Borgias characters [10/25]: Cardinal Giuliano Della Rovere.
The rich and powerful Cardinal Della Rovere is Rodrigo Borgia’s chief rival for the papacy. When he is passed over for selection, Della Rovere devotes himself to unseating the Pope, whom he sees as lewd, blasphemous, and his vast moral inferior. But Della Rovere becomes so obsessed with his quest that he lowers himself to the Borgias’ level to achieve his goal. (x)

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Aristocratic looks

“There’s a much longer version of Mirkwood that we shot. Umm… there’s a really beautiful sequence where Bombur falls into the stream, the Enchanted Stream, and we have to carry him. And then also, Thorin and Bilbo see the white stag, which is this sort of manifestation of the Elf King, kind of projecting himself into the forest. And Thorin kind of symbolically tries to kill the stag with his crossbow. Which I…you know, that was really disappointing that that couldn’t be in the film because I do think, I think it’s like a little beacon of the relationship between Thorin and the Elf King.”


Richard Armitage in The Hobbit Twitter Q&A : “What scenes will be included on the extended edition of Desolation?” (via richardandlee)

they added a ton of legolas (which is not in the book) and cut this (¬_¬)

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Loki vs. Loki—learn the difference


 Loki god of mischief and Loki god—learn the difference.

The Eddas know three different versions of the God Loki: Loki, Logi and Utgard-Loki. Whilst these are portrayed as three different personalities all three do overlap to a significant extent and demonstrate characteristics which may be derived from a single common source.

Frequently we find written that Wagner “incorrectly” portrayed Loki as a God of fire. Rudolf Simek in his Dictionary of Northern Mythology states:

(Loge). A half-god created by R. Wagner in his opera Das Rheingold (tenor) who is the lord of fire. Loge probably is the result of Wagner`s confusion of the god Loki with the great Logi. In Snorri Logi is the personification of fire whereas the god Loki of Germanic mythology has nothing to do with fire.”


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Happy Valentine’s Day, RichLee Fans!
(PS, it’s just a manip I did. Not the real thing, unfortunately!)

Why have I missed it???!!! instant reblog!


Happy Valentine’s Day, RichLee Fans!

(PS, it’s just a manip I did. Not the real thing, unfortunately!)

Why have I missed it???!!! instant reblog!

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